Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Weddings are one of the most exciting times in our lives. Even though we slave to the cliché of only girls being excited and thrilled to get married, you can’t really say the males aren’t happy too! After all, it’s such a joyful occasion, a celebration of love and commitment for both parties – and is there anything cutter and heartwarming than that!

Since weddings are so special an occasion, it’s great to celebrate them in a grand style! If your budget allows it, traveling to an exotic destination and saying your “I do” surrounded by the sea, the sunset and wonderful sandy beaches may be just a dream come true. Imagine the cold breeze on your skin and in your dress, the smell of the sea and the music of waves in the back while your spouse promises to love you in sickness and in health until death does you apart… incredible, don’t you think? Good news is you can really have all that with just a little of smart planning and organization… and, well – money.

If you are thinking what destinations to go with, I have to suggest the ultimate best - French Polynesia! Intimacy, tradition, sophistication, charm, art, flowers, exotic… and many other aspects of this wonderful place are what you’ll be experiencing if you opt for this paradise gem! The combination of your wedding excitement and the breathtaking arrangements of French Polynesia will leave you breathless! Not that anyone forgets about their wedding day, but this one – you will not only remember, but will talk about for years to come!

You can choose between gorgeous Tahiti or Bora Bora paradise setting.
Tahiti - Destination Wedding
Given what a gorgeous destination Tahiti is, it should be no surprise that Tahiti weddings are so hot right now! All the luxurious Tahiti accommodation, the breathtaking scenery topped up with some of the finest beaches in the world makes you go to Tahiti and just – stay there! You and your spouse will enjoy it, no doubt and your family and friends will surely be blown away by the generous hospitality of Tahitian locals! Expect that both you and your guests will be greeted with music, flowers and dance and this will make for an unforgettable experience!

If you decide to actually get married in Tahiti, you should know that local hotel owners have amazing wedding packages you should get a look into. Plus, they are designed to make the very most of your special day, regardless of how big your budget is.

Weddings in Tahiti ooze relaxation, romance and that exotic vibe only French Polynesia can offer!  You should know that French Polynesia has been conducting legal weddings for overseas visitors since 2010. To ensure everything is perfect for your big day, you will be assisted in compiling your marriage file and co-ordination of the event on a particular location.
Bora Bora - Destination Wedding
Is there anything more gorgeous than Bora Bora? Probably not! The sparkly blue water, sugar white sand, and the charm of the ever inspiring Bora Bora will make for a wonderful wedding event and stunning memories you’ll create! Receptions held at any of Bora Bora resorts are designed in such a way that they can fit almost any budget yet offering great service and an unforgettable experience.

However you picture your dream wedding, Bora Bora can’t really be far from it! It’s wonderful that Bora Bora offers both options – an intimate wedding in almost any beach scenario possible, or a luxurious outing you’ll never ever forget!

Wedding time is that part of our lives when love is all we can think about – and – combined with luxury, all that celebration tastes a bit better, doesn’t it?

Written by - Marc Plumlee. Directly contact for any further details!


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