Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Welcome to Thailand. Thailand is a country that is quickly becoming more and more famous thanks to its exotic and culturally rich background which can attract many tourists to come not only to visit, but to find a permanent refuge as well. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, offers a lot to someone visiting a for the first time, as a melting pot for traditional culture and modern lifestyle- there are many places to visit in this beautiful big city alone. Thailand offers many adventures if you venture into its rich and beautiful nature, but be careful, because many of the natural sights are protected by law.

The Islands of Thailand. 
There are many islands in the archipelago of Thailand, and all of them offer a great adventure if you have enough time to spend there. However, the most prominent and interesting island is Koh Samui (also known as Ko Samui), with its lovely beaches, breath-taking mountains and wonders that lay in the depths of the island. Furthermore, there are many secluded and protected places around Thailand which you can only visit with a guided tour, but it is well worth the trip - you will see some of the most beautiful and magnificent creatures and nature scenery in the world.

Koh Samui and its Culture. 
The island of Koh Samui offers more than just plentiful beaches and natural beauties to enjoy, it has a rich religious and cultural background that is more than invaluable and worth to see for yourself. Furthermore, you will find that the inhabitants of Koh Samui have many festivities and festivals which you can partake in and enjoy. The inhabitants of the island are polite, friendly and more than happy to share their culture with whomever is interested enough.

Exquisite cuisine. After a long day of exploring and discovering what the island has in store for adventurers, it is important to have a hearty meal. Luckily, Thai cuisine has many different and interesting tastes which you simply must taste if you want to experience the holiday of your dreams. Furthermore, you can never feel nostalgic on Thailand as you can find almost anything you would want to drink or eat, and even cheaper than you would normally. Be prepared to find foods which needs a kind of an acquired taste, but you could not experience what this beautiful country has to offer if you refuse to at least try them.

A slice of paradise. The island of Koh Samui, even though visited by many tourists, still has a lot of discoverable and interesting landscapes to find. Moreover, the culture and cuisine will simply pamper you to belief that you have found heaven on Earth. Do not forget to visit the natural parks around the island to see the true beauty of the island at its fullest. You must absolutely take a tour to see all the Buddhist temples around the island as they are marvelously magnificent and your tour of Koh Samui would not be complete. 

Written by Marc PlumleeDirectly contact for any further details!


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