Monday, June 22, 2015

Facebook is one of the leading social media websites that can boost sales to a new level. With over a billion users – more than 500 million of which are active every day – Facebook marketing can enhance every business with their potential customers. A marketer can choose among multiple marketing options available to accomplish particular goals. Listed below are a few marketing tips to make a business’ Facebook marketing and to successfully manage Facebook management strategies.

Tip #1 - Utilize a Fan Page for extensive exchanges

Build a unique fan page where audiences can visit to view updates and news about the brand. Facebook has a huge potential to help grow a business. Its audience members seek quality content and regular posts without hard selling jargons. A huge number of ‘likes’ sets up a chain reaction and  gathers more likes; therefore, hard selling strategies must not be used lest people unfollow the brand’s or the business’ page. Likes are effective in driving traffic to business and converting this traffic into sales. This platform is also a major booster for sign-ups. Therefore, the marketing strategy should be kept as friendly as possible.

Readers tend to pay attention to regular updates and coupon codes. When these get combined with great content, it can work like magic for businesses. Marketers must display social media icons on business brands and keep them as interesting as possible. Allowing existing consumers to engage within a Facebook community works greatly such as when potential customers are waiting to see product reviews. Customer engagement is one of the most important marketing tips.

Tip #2 - Be knowledgeable about the marketing tips and tools that can make a campaign and successfully manage Facebook management strategies

Marketers looking to divert huge traffic to their website or wanting to get customers for their brand must be aware of Facebook marketing tips and tools that offer great solutions. Being the leading social media website, Facebook gives businesses the power to market their brand in the best way possible. With over a billion people signed up and millions accessing it on daily basis, it has the potential to make a brand reach millions of people across the world. It also has varying options for campaigning – which are easy for marketers to choose from – to reach business goals.

Marketers must update followers with interesting content on a daily basis. Followers tend to stay actively involved when they are kept updated about the brand. Contests and lively polls every few days allow fans to interact more. Promoting fan pages on other social media sites is also a proven strategy to help boost traffic to businesses. Marketers with resources to fund campaigns can also pump in some money into Facebook ads to help in every way possible in meeting goals. The various campaigns available in Facebook ads are:

Facebook page engagement: This is the best campaign for small business developers who are trying to establish themselves as a brand. Although paid, these are worth every penny invested. Facebook places ads to enhance the chances of getting likes on business pages and promotes shares and displays business pages according to demography and location.

Clicks to website: This is the most favored ad campaign preferred by small scale businesses. A greater number of clicks can improve the chances of exchanges and traffic boosts. Major brands also use this campaign to broaden their audiences and engage in healthy competition with other brands.

Website conversions:  Facebook ads optimize viewer engagement with businesses by exciting them to visit the brand’s website and go through the business’ content. It also enables marketers to track the exchange by indicating the conversion rate in pixels, thereby allowing a way to track success.

App installs: This is yet another proven tactic to boost website traffic. People are encouraged to install a brand’s application on their smart phones, allowing marketers to reach them in the best mode possible.

App engagement: Facebook entertains audiences to stay more active on the brand’s app, thus enhancing more coverage for your website and business.

Offers and claims: This works extremely well when marketers wish to grow a business quickly. Marketers must come up with exciting offers so as to keep the audience engaged. Giving discounts to existing customers and promoting the business with coupons are useful; these strategies must be spread evenly across all social media platforms.

Tip #3 - Manage Facebook Management

Sometimes one person alone cannot handle everything. It would be wise to hire a person who can look into the technical details of the campaign. This marketer can set out the modules to help get the maximum benefits out of the campaign. Marketers are professionals who know the ins and outs of marketing schemes and can boost a business to a different level. They help in setting up SEO-related content on the business’ website to help boost organic traffic.  They know where to insert the applicable images and videos to get attention of the audiences. 

Tip #4- Maximize the use of news feeds

A marketer must not try to push the product too hard. Instead, quality posts must be put up to catch the attention of followers. Facebook users tend to ‘unfollow’ those trying to push their products too hard and they might even give negative reviews that may hamper good business. Thinking out of the box helps in maintaining a brand’s luster.

Tip #5 - Create links to help in conversions

Effective links not only boosts sales but also helps the readers engage in the brand’s content. Facebook insights can be used to know the demographic location of an audience and help marketers to figure out how efficiently a marketing plan reaches the desired audiences. Responding well with readers and maintaining friendly yet engaging communication drives good conversation. Cross-linking social media platforms can also boost traffic. For example, retweeting ads and allowing followers to interconnect is beneficial.

No matter what the business is, Facebook marketing can boost sales and help the brand grow and expand magnificently. Using the strategies wisely can translate into tangible business growth.

Andy Thompson has been a freelance writer for a long while. Her passion in writing is her main drive in crafting articles that are engaging, informative, and meaningful. Her partnership with TroopSocial has given her a whole new opportunity to take writing to a whole new level.


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