Monday, July 20, 2015

Facebook has been the world’s most famous social media platform. The features of this social media site have captivated the world from photo and video sharing, communicating with your friends and loved ones who are miles away from you, and getting informed with so many things around the online world. But they are not the only ones who are enjoying being on facebook. Many businesses are investing in putting up advertisements on facebook. With over a billion of active users, facebook is a really great venue to introduce your brands and products and has a greater chance of getting potential contacts and consumers.

Aside from the fact that facebook has a lot of users, one of the major reasons entrepreneurs are placing advertisements on facebook is because in facebook marketing, you can save time and resources, particularly money. Yes, facebook allows you to place ads with time-saving options and based on your budget. Wondering what can you do in facebook marketing to save time and money? Here are some facebook marketing tips that can waste your time and money if you do not follow. 

· Be on Facebook frequently and consistently

I know that this sounds very time consuming. But do not get it wrong. Being in facebook frequently and consistently does not mean you have to be online all the time. Your audience, your potential customers and contacts are online with no definite time. They are usually online on their spare time of the day and no one can detect when that is. This gives you the job to check out on your facebook page and advertisement at least a couple of times a day. Through this action, you can reply to some customer’s queries in your page, can handle negative feedback, and can accommodate some important questions that can affect your sales. You can also set schedules of checking your facebook page and ads. Remember that you do not want to waste all of your efforts in putting up a facebook page and advertising on facebook by not checking them regularly. Do not forget that the point of using social media is to socialize. So make it a point to always be online even just for a short while to keep updated.

· Be Relevant and Interact with your followers

Knowing what's relevant to your audience can give you a lot of good things in return. First, you do not want to be left behind. It may cost you a lot of time and effort, and may be money, if you would have extensive research about something that is trendy. By simply knowing what the needs are and what’s hot for your target audience through actively reading comments on your post, you can determine effective facebook campaigns for your brand. Second, the interaction made with your followers is priceless. If your followers could feel that you are sincere in giving them the best service through consistently answering their concerns, they will be loyal to your brand. In any marketing tips you could ever know, your consumer’s trust will always be the most valuable investment you could have in your business. So do not forget to include it your marketing strategies in facebook. Lastly, being relevant serves as an indication that you are ready for innovations. Innovations in facebook marketing are not expensive. You just need to go with the flow and adapt what's new and relevant.

· Appreciate Fan-made Contents

Fan-made stuffs in facebook can also boost your business. Because the best feature of facebook is photo and video sharing, you should make the most out of it. Avid fans and followers usually make photos and videos to show their satisfaction about your product and services. You can share this as an additional way of promoting your product. This is a very time and budget friendly way of advertising through the testimonials of your client as the subject. In this way, other customers will see how great your brand is and also, your followers would feel appreciated that can boost their trust in you. What a win-win situation! You should take advantage of this free and effective way of presenting your brand.

· Hold a Simple But Remarkable Facebook Fan Page Contest

In a real world, conducting a contest is very costly. It would take lots of promotions, invitations, and venue set up. But through facebook marketing, you can hold a simple contest that can help you in promoting your brand. Facebook contest should not be so huge and complicated. It only requires simple mechanics, such as like, share, and comment method, or just simply sending entries through their facebook accounts something about your company, brand, or services. You can also do a campaign awareness that can help you build the company's name as well as contribute for a change in the community. This kind of competition also requires just simple prizes such as souvenirs, gift certificates, and the likes. Many facebook users are joining this kind of promotional contests because they know they only need to do a little work for a worthy reward.

· Be Positive, Patient, and Entertaining

Facebook management requires a lot of patience and positivity. The result of your efforts to reach people and your endeavors for your business cannot take effect overnight. You need to wait for your initiatives to be fruitful. Do not give up easily. You do not want all of your efforts and resources be wasted. So if things work a bit slow for you, you have to wait. You also have to weigh things every now and then to know what you need to improve, what are lacking, and what your strength is.

Positivity attracts good vibes. Remember that you should give people enjoyment and satisfaction. And you cannot give them fulfillment if you are not keeping the positivity in you. All of the marketing tips you have studied are nothing without positive outlook. Also, being positive in your work, including facebook management can easily pay-off all of the time and resources you lent to promote your brand.

There are so many ways of keeping facebook management time and budget friendly. You just need to bring out the entire creative person in you and follow the marketing tips above. So let’ like, share, and post your success in facebook marketing!

Andy Thompson has been a freelance writer for a long while. Her passion in writing is her main drive in crafting articles that are engaging, informative, and meaningful. Her partnership with TroopSocial has given her a whole new opportunity to take writing to a whole new level.


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