Tuesday, August 18, 2015

If you're managing a business and is constantly striving for acquiring a competitive advantage, it's never too hard getting started on social media. Devoting few minutes every day with a hearty attitude, you can create robust brand awareness and visibility. Twitter is one of the easiest platforms to master, and probably your company is on Twitter! Twitter is among the most influential tools that can be used to enhance the business’s reach.  

With more than 400 million Tweets every day and 304 million active users, people are increasingly turning to Twitter to bring them nearer to the things they really care about, whether it’s about the news that's affecting their lives or any type of businesses down the road.

You may have pondered over the question what and what not to tweet to make the social media venture a productive one! So, get ready to start, here are some of the Tweeting ideas that can benefit your business for sure- 

1. Advertise Your Products
Twitter is one of the ideal inexpensive options for advertising your business’s offered products and services. Showcase your offerings to take the utmost advantage of this platform. Tweet the photos of your products to catch your audience's attention. Use 140 characters to describe your product in brief, and add a picture to showcase it more beautifully. 

2. Ask for Customer Review and Feedback
Asking your customers and fans to give feedback and review about your brand will make them feel that they are being cared and their opinions and suggestions about your products and services are important for your brand. It will make them feel that they are being heard. 

3. Reply To “Mentions”
Replying back to mentions are the perfect opportunity for thanking your loyal fans and customers who're advertising your brand on Twitter for your benefit. Undoubtedly, there may be some bashers and haters who will throw crappy tweets for you, in such cases you can try winning them with witty, but elegant replies to such hate tweets. 

4. Tweet Brand Offers and Announcements
Is your brand throwing any new sale offers? Is your company going to host any big event or show? Is your company launching any new product? Give such useful information to your followers by tweeting about it. 

5. Suggest your Followers How to Use your Products
Simply showing your products featured images is not going to help you, rather post a picture of someone using your product. This will catch customer's attention and will make them feel the usefulness of your offered products and how they can use it for their benefit. Give some piece of advice. 

6. Make Use of Hashtags:
Get involved in trending topics or initiate your own topic to make it trending among people. But, remember the topic should be relevant so that it can benefit your business. The hashtags that you are using in your tweets must be relevant to your business, or else it may be simply pointless. 

7. Inspirational Quotes
If your company is related to advocacy-based, journalistic, political or similar, tweeting inspirational quotes can make your way easy. Tweet some inspiring and famous quotes frequently that hook up with your company's idea and principles.

8. Company Achievements
Tweet about your company's feats and awards in the industry, it'll help you to impress your Twitter followers. Doing so will let you develop a level of credibility and trust for your company and your offered products and services. 

9. Industry News and Latest Events
Customers look for everything new and trendy. When you tweet about something related to industry news or latest happenings, it will show that your company is always updated with the latest trends of your industry, and is always dedicated to stay relevant.

10. Start Contests and Promos
Try making some enjoyable moments together with your followers and fans by tweeting about contents that they'll take part in on Twitter. You can ask them to tweet a picture of themselves using your products or you can ask them to caption a picture of one of your product. It will assist you in building a personal relationship with your customers and followers. 

11. Tweet Along with other Companies
Tweeting along with other companies which your followers may follow is one of the other ways to entertain them. Initiate a conversation with other company, it'll entice more people to peek on what's going on among you two.

12. Advertise your other Social Networks
Share the links of your Facebook, Google+, Instagram and other social media accounts you're using in the tweet.  

13. Do Tweet Greets
Greeting your followers and customers a “Good Morning” or a “Happy Weekends” and then very casually share an ad for your products and services. 

14. Make a Gag
The entire point-of the social networking experience is the fact that it ought to be enjoyable. Try tweeting several humor or gags often to exhibit that the company offers persona and character. It would assist if this humor were some way associated with your offered products and services.

15. Info And Tidbits
Twitter apparently useless, but fascinating info which is related to your offered products, and business like company background, goals, partnerships, awards, etc. It will help your group of followers know and find out more about your company.

16. Retweet Follower's Tweets
Remember, not everything has to originate from you. When your follower is mentioning you in their tweet while praising your offered products and services, use this in your favor and Retweet it! It’s genuine, neutral and unprejudiced advertising accomplished by the persons you’re selling to.

So, in order to grow your business beyond what you can expect don't hesitate to try the above ways to engage people on twitter. Always remember, a right tweet can get you right customers and make a big difference!

Guest Author Bio

Hello mates!! I am Sumit Ghosh, a huge social media fan, a nerd, a geeky programmer and owns a digital marketing firm, successfully running for over 7 years. I also started the SocioBoard Blog to provide knowledge to new start ups and entrepreneurs whose social marketing campaigns failed to generate ROI.


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