Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Today, the business marketplace is much more productive than any other point in the past history. Creating a social media presence for your company or brand has become a check-box item, a crucial part of creating brand awareness and connecting with the billions of social media users across the world. However, it's powerfully choosy and is advantageous to only those who're capable enough in mastering its complexity and thus rising above the clamor of concurrent competitive messages. Undoubtedly, the time-honored marketing avenues such as radio, television and print, have become completely outdated and thus have lost their supremacy in the past decade. The main reason behind this is the increasing use of the Internet and the ever exploding social media platforms.

According to a recent research report “State of B2B Social Media Marketing 2015″, 99% B2B marketers agreed that social networking platform is extremely crucial for their marketing campaigns, and 94% of them indicated that their primary social objective is to build a robust brand awareness.
According to Social Media Examiner's recent study 89% of marketers strongly agreed that they are interested in knowing the way to analyze and measure the social media's ROI, but measuring is still illusive for many companies. If you are not properly engaging with your existing customers and target audience, there is no use of having social media accounts. Engagement is another name of the social media game.

Today, more and more of the buying cycle are falling down into the laps of marketers, which makes it crucial to prove the ROI of marketing efforts. However, everything related to social media is not quantifiable, it varies. But, simultaneously, it is vital to analyze, measure and track the activities on social media to acquire a clearer picture of your ROI and thus benefit your business.

Conniving your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Nowadays, businesses are very much relied on the social media platforms. For increasing the chances to get successful, it’s crucial to do careful research, designing, implementation and evaluation in the social media marketing campaigns.

Spending on the social network continues to soar up, but analyzing its effect is still a challenge for many companies. Here are a few of the useful steps that can be helpful for you to increase your ROI via social media campaign:

1. Plan out your Target

Whatever that sets off a good, effective project is undoubtedly a good plan. Today, businesses have ample of marketing strategies to choose from, but choosing the right one is essential, as the social media has the power to MAKE or BREAK your brand awareness or the campaign itself! Follow up these steps to start-off in your business-

Explore your Target Market:
The marketplace is no more a homogeneous group of people with similar interests and preferences. So, it’s vital to know WHAT and WHO actually your target market or audience is all about. For reaching out and engaging the segment of users who may be interested in your offered products or services, it's vital to know about them, their requirement, and more about their behavior.

Make sure your advertising reaches out the target and right audience, by these 3 things-

#1: Research the demographics of your target market.
#2: Delve into your market’s psycho-graphics.
#3: Know your competitors.
#4: Make Use of your Market’s Words

Grab your Audience's Attention:
For capturing your existing and potential customer’s attention:

#1: Plan a strategy for your official site by rewarding the followers.
#2: Add about your previous clients in your post.
#3: Send a personal email for thanking them.

2. Optimize Site for Share-ability
Once knowing about the target audience and market, next crucial step is to properly optimizing your site along with products.

Add Social Buttons:
Social buttons are one of the influential tools that can be used for reaching out more target audience.
Adding social buttons in your site for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, or others can be extremely beneficial.

Take Benefits of Social Sign-ins:
Asking your visitors for social sign-ins or for their name or email address can be beneficial for adding it in your promotional rates and bonuses.

Take Advantage of the Comments Section:
Comments are the easiest and most effective way to increase user's engagement with your brand. It helps in saving time for advertisements and endorsements. Ask your customers for giving feedback for your brand or your offered products and service's improvement.

3. Encourage Audience to Participate
Organizing contests are one of the amazing ways to make your audience engaged with you. It also helps in leaving the flow of trend to the customers. The more “Likes” and “Shares”, the better it is. It is an effective way to build your customers. It is an amazing technique for getting links as well as new prospects simultaneously.

4. Evaluate and Measure your Campaign
Assessing and evaluating your overall marketing campaign is the basic rule in any type of business and marketing strategy. Monitoring the progress of your marketing campaign and its results, and then altering your strategies accordingly and adopting them for next campaign can be beneficial. If your strategies don't work out at initial stages don't get disappointed. But, once you get started earning momentum in acquiring a good, constant stream of traffic, keep trying out different ways for engaging your customers. The trends keep on changing, so be flexible in adopting them.

I hope these simple yet useful strategies can assist you in growing your business revenue. Using social media for boosting your products and services is a fruitful idea. But do remember that good quality products and services are the key to bringing back your customers or attract potential customers.

Guest Author Bio - 

Hello mates!! I am Sumit Ghosh, a huge social media fan, a nerd, a geeky programmer and owns a digital marketing firm, successfully running for over 7 years. I also started the SocioBoard Blog to provide knowledge to new start ups and entrepreneurs whose social marketing campaigns failed to generate ROI.


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