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Maldives consist of four small cities namely Male, Seenu Atoll, Naifaru and Thinadhoo and other bunch of islands with extremely beautiful beaches. Below are some of the major places of Maldives which are a must visit for Travelers.

1. Malé is the capital of the Republic of Maldives and is regarded as one of the smallest capitals of the world in terms of physical size. The city, an exotic blend of ethnicity and modern values, is a place with high-rise buildings and good infrastructure.  
The Islamic Centre is not only the most famous architectural landmark in Malé, but also houses one of the biggest and finest mosques in the Southeast Asian region. The grand mosque that accommodates more than 5,000 worshippers; its golden dome and minaret are standouts that can be seen before reaching the shores of Malé and the ornate woodcarvings and Arabic calligraphy inside are magnificent tributes to the talents of Maldivians. 

The Hukuru Miskiy (Friday Mosque) built in 1656 is another fascinating monument that is an essential stop on any tour of Malé. All the walls in the mosque are built with coral stones intricately carved with Arabic calligraphy and ornamental patterns; the roof, window frames and doors made of different kinds of wood such as teak, sandalwood and redwood. This mosque also displays breathtakingly beautiful coral carvings and expert lacquerwork done by Maldivians. There are also a number of ancient tombstones erected in memory of past sultans, heroes and nobles, in the mosques compound.

Medhu Ziyaaraiy is the shrine of Abu-al Barakath Yusuf al Barbaree – the Moroccan scholar believed to be responsible for the advent of Islam in the Maldives in 1153 AD; and is also a must-see monument.

Mulee-aage next to the Medhu Ziyaaraiy was originally built by Sultan Shamsudheen III for his son just before the First World War. The building was declared a government property when the sultan and his were banished in May 1936. Since then it has been used as an office complex by subsequent governments and when the country became a republic in 1953, Mulee-aage became the Presidential Palace. The present government also used it as such until the current Presidential Palace was completed in 1994.

2. Seenu Atoll - Seenu Atoll is known as the 'Second City' of the Maldives. Seenu Atoll is indisputably one of the major tourist destinations in Maldives. The total number of islands found here is 23 and Seenu Atoll, is one of the principal atolls in the archipelago of Maldives.
The frothy waves of the sparkling blue Indian Ocean has a charm all its own. There are as many as 25 excellent diving locations and almost all of them offer a chance to explore the marine world. That is why apart from divers these islands are also intermittently thronged by groups of scientists and marine biologists.

Travelers who are particularly fond of water adventures can opt for the Makunda and Muduka. The reefs in these two places are the favorite place of the gray reef shark as well as of the white tip reef shark. The exotic sea mammals found here include manta ray, green turtles, eagle ray and lobsters. Among all other Maldives Tourist Destinations this one holds a special place in the heart of every traveler.

3. Naifaru - Naifaru is a romantic island and tourists will adore the view of the blue sea, white silver beaches and the sand mountains that are found here. You can spend your holiday in this island in a relaxed mood far from the madding crowd. If you are looking for a holiday spot to spend quality time with your family then Naifaru, Maldives is definitely the ideal spot. The main culture prevailing here has the strange mixed influence of Buddhism, Islam, British and that of India and Sri Lanka – though people here predominantly follow the religion of Islam.
During your sojourn in Naifaru, Maldives you can take a trip to the sand mountains which your young one will find exciting. Once you are through with the sand mountains you can then indulge in shopping and you have a variety of shopping malls here.

4. Thinadhoo - Situated within 78 kilometers from Male, Thinadhoo, Maldives offers everything that a tourist would legitimately expect in a dream holiday destination. But special mention must be made of the picturesque landscape for which Thinadhoo is renowned. Thinadhoo, Maldives can aptly be called an emerald island as it abounds with greenery and a variety of full-grown trees and the entire area is free from pollution. Thanks to the proliferation of trees the climate here is absolutely salubrious and most places are shady. Travelers who come here will find Thinadhoo, Maldives the ultimate serene get away.
The beach here is just ideal for strolling down or lying down to tan under the sun. You can also enjoy swimming and snorkeling which are the most popular activities here. Thinadhoo, Maldives is specially known for its colorful marine life.   

5. 14 More World Class Beautiful Beaches of Maldives - Maldives has numerous beaches, which are sandy, extremely serene and purely clean. Some of the major beaches of maldives are Nalaguraidhoo, Reethi, Meedhupparu, Angaga, Fihalhohi, Biyadhoo, Dhiggiri, Mirihi, Kanuhura, Angsana Ihuru, Veligandu, Soneva Fushi, Filitheyo, Bathala. For more details and photos of these beaches kindly visit Best Beaches in Maldives.

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