Wednesday, June 4, 2014

As soon as Mobile Market boomed with Android Version of Mobile Phones, one of the major drawback or say backlash was the performance of Battery Life. Although with powerful Li-Ion Batteries of 1400 mAh to 2500 mAh floating in mobile market, still many faces draining of battery life in as early as 2-3 hours which is just unacceptable. So, why Makers are not coming with more powerful batteries. Yes, they are trying hard, but display screens, apps increasing with each passing day it is just race against time. Till they make something acceptable battery with a draining of on par with Base phones, why not try some tips and tricks to increase the battery life of your smartphone.

I recently brought Panasonic P11 Android Phone with a Li-Ion Battery of 2000 mAh. This battery is quite strong considering the latest Smartphone Battery Market. But still in my first day of use battery of my Panasonic P11 drained in just 3-4 hours. I was amazed how with such high power battery, only 3-4 hours of battery life for my smartphone? After that research started on how to increase the Battery Life of my Android Phone at least for 8 Working Hours a day. While experimenting many interesting facts came to my notice and which I like to share with you guys and hope that it will definitely help your battery to run much longer then the present. With small changes and tweaking, I am right now able to get a working battery life of 10-12 hours which is absolutely ok for me.

In Settings in Android Phones Go To Battery and there one can see the discharging details. Display Screen is one of the reason of quick discharge of Battery Life. GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Data Service active are another main reason for quick discharge of Battery Life. Also, Location Update Services and Apps Updates can also be seen as major reason for quick discharge of Battery Life. Now, you will say that these are the main key features of Smartphones and one can't stay without it, otherwise what is the difference between a Smart Phone or a Base Phone. Yes, its true, but till there are some fabulous Batteries are available in the Mobile Market lets tweak some settings and play with it to have a increased Battery Life for the time being.

10 Important Tips to Increase Battery Life:

1. Display: In Settings > Display - a) Reduce the Brightness Level as much as to your Possible Acceptable Level. Reduce Brightness Increases Battery Life. b) Keep the Sleep Timer to either 30 sec or at most 1 minute of inactivity.
2. Wi-Fi: In Settings > Wi-Fi - Turn Off the Wi-Fi and Turn On only when you are in need of it. Even in idle case Wi-Fi searches periodically Wi-Fi Zones nearby it, whether you use it or not. That's drains Battery Life.
3. Bluetooth: In Settings > Bluetooth -  Turn Off Bluetooth and Turn On only when you are in need of it.
4. Sound: In Settings > Sound - Try to minimise the Sound Volume to an acceptable level for Ringtone, Keypad and Rest. It increases Battery Life. Try to avoid Vibrate options as it eats up your battery. Uncheck Sound option which you thing are not as important.
5. Apps: In Settings > Apps -  Try to keep as little and as useful apps in your Android Phone. Even if you don't use all the Apps, they still try to search for the necessary updates and required jobs when Data Services, Wi-Fi and other services are active in background. If possible uninstall the unused apps from smartphones itself as it is readily available in Android Market.
6. Location Services: In Settings > Location Services - There are 3 kind of Services that is Google's location service, GPS satellites and Location & Google Search. Uncheck all. Put on the services when you actually want it to use. Click it occasionally or whenever any requirements comes as needed.
7. System Upgrades: In Settings > System Upgrades - Uncheck the notification. Check it occasionally whether any upgrades is required or not.
8. Data Service: Try to Switch Off the Data Service as much as possible. By Switching Off the Data Service you will gain huge increase in Battery Life. Switching On the Data Service is one of the main reason of Quick Discharge of Battery Life as not only you are browsing your way to draining the battery, but also many Apps in background uses the Data Services to do its necessary updates and upgrades.
9. Try to Install Batter Saver Apps which are readily Available in Android Market, if you don't want the hassles to manually monitor the Battery Life. There are many Apps such as DU Battery Saver, 2x Battery, Easy Battery Saver and others which claims that they can manage Android Battery Life Well.
10. Lastly if possible carry back up Battery with you, as a 'Battery in need is a Battery indeed!' Also, if possible buy a good Power Bank for Smartphones, so that when in need can recharge your smartphone with USB cable.

If you have any more suggestion do let us know in the comment section.


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