Wednesday, October 15, 2014

This post is specially for those beginners who are contemplating blogging as new hobby and hoping that in future they become one of the pro-bloggers of net world. Everyone has their own thoughts, skills, way of thinking, liking and why not to share it with outside world through their writing and knowledge sharing. If you have something to tell politics, sports, poems, technology why not share it through blogging.

In this article I will try to mention why one needs a blog in today's time and how is to start a blog in easy way. I will try to keep the process of starting a blog as easy as possible. If you have further queries kindly put in comment section.

What you want to write? This is the first question one should have before starting a blog. Which field you have good knowledge and expertise? Many sites will report that make blog on this and that and have traffic unlimited. That is absolutely wrong. Every niche has valued audiences. One should consider that niche which he/she is interested. It may be Entertainment, Sports, Travel, Fashion, Automobile, Books, Gaming, Health, Jobs, or any other. The topic which you are highly fond of is the correct one to start of. Do blogging for your happiness, not by compulsion to do so.

How to start a blog in easy way? There are two platform namely: and which are most popular to start a blog at least for amateurs/beginners. If you have good skills (confidence) in html or later then buy space and make your *.com. 
Coming to Blogger and Wordpress there is nothing much to do. Just Sign Up and after that create a blog and publish post. They have good support and tutorials. Even a person with zero knowledge on html and rest can put up blogs in minutes. They will give you space, themes and even nice widgets to add to your blog. What's more it is absolutely free. Later on when you have good traffic, you can even have your own domain name.

Benefit of Blogging: This is your world. Here you can put your thoughts and it is upto whole world to look into it. You can share your blog post in your social media platform. Ask your friends to have a look. Even ask them to interact in pages of post. You can start small business with it. You can showcase particular stuff and even your favorite ones.

Final Point and Most Important for Blogging: Be original. Always put unique and original content in your blog. It will not only increase quality of blog in search engine like google and bing, but also increase your reputation as blogger. Be qualitative and try to be active. Even a 2-3 posts per week will keep you in radar with rest of blogging world. Even a post in between will keep you abreast with rest. If you can put more, then it is icing on the cake.

So, happy blogging guys!


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