Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I think most of you have considered or tried to earn serious money sitting at home. You may have fallen into scams also. But have found any legit way to earn money online? With internet booming in last decade, online money earning has taken a big boom. Many of you have surfed through net of having various ways of earning good amount of money for livelihood.

From my personal point of view and experience, I was working for private sector (India) for around 8+ years and have to leave job because I am a solopreneur now and doing myself good with good earning also and thus need to devote daily 10 hours at least to my work. Hence, I would like to share my experience which might help you to earn from your home also. Honestly there is not short cut to hard work and while earning from home also needs dedication, patience and above all perseverance.

What's good from Earning from Home: You don't have to hear the abuses of your boss. Yes, in my case that is very much true. You can have your own life style. Even if you devote 8-10 hours in internet still can have your own preferred lifestyle as you are your own boss and plan accordingly. Follow your dreams. While sitting at office, one is embedded to the required job profile and hardly gets time in his working years to follow his dreams. Yes, he can do that but after a certain age say 50-60. Why wait for that, enjoy from today.

Rome is not built in a day: If you are planning to get rich in a single day, then this is not the right place for you. Kindly go to some poker station. But what I can give you some valuable inputs which if you have the urge then definitely help you. Yes, there are various ways one can earn good sitting in home with internet. But it needs patience, skills and most important, your commitment to work.

Various ways of Earning from Internet (my preferred list):

6. Ads click programs: There are many agencies in Internet which will give you ad clicks programs. They will ask you to visit various sites as mentioned and click there ads, read surveys of ads or do the necessary. What's good is that you can earn instant. But drawback is that it takes huge amount of time and also your skills are less developed. That's why I have kept it last in my preferred list.

5. Paid Surveys: There are few good sites who invite people for surveys and give good amount in returns. I have tried this around 5-6 years back in my starting phase of urge to earn money from online. Don't know if it works now or not. You can surf about them little more to know whether they are legit now or scam. I tried few and will mention that also and earned to pay my bills. 

List of Paid Survey sites which are good:

3. Toluna

4. Beta Tester: Be a Beta Tester or part time developer from home. There are lot of new technologies which are coming on daily basis. Android market is on uprise. Be up and be counted. In Google Play in apps profile you can see many are asking or inviting Beta tester. Why not try that. Who knows one can also get job in that company if ones gets his due. I have tried that as a fun and have also earned good.

Now to Top 3 list of serious earnings. These three are my preferred top 3 as I am currently doing all three and earning serious money which was not possible even from my job.

3. Content Writing and Guest Blogging: If you are good in writing why not try for content writing or guest blogging for various sites. Just choose your hobby and contact site owners to state that you want to write for them. Just sent some articles (100% original and unique) and ask them to review and publish it. If liked who knows they might employ you permanently or as Guest blogger for their reputed site. Only point is if you are good in writing and skilled in your zone then try this. Otherwise skip it. It is not necessary to know excellent English vocabularies, but it is important that you have good knowledge about the subject you are writing. Remember there are 100 of countries where people only know easy English and if you want to increase your demography keep it simple in your writing.

2. Make you own site and do blogging: If you have good writing skills and finding tough to become a content writer or guest blogger, then why not start your own site. There are many reasons that one find it tough to get selected as Guest Blogger in reputed sites. May be his vision is not well matched with the site vision. Or there is already lot of competition. If that is the case will say that you can start your own site. At first you can have free platform like or to express your views. Once, you have enough pageviews or audiences then can go for Domain buying and becoming a pro in this zone. This takes huge amount of time and some time in years to become prevalent among internet audiences. But once it is established then you are the King on your own. And that is the reason why I have listed it in No.2.

1. Freelance Work: If you are good in one skill say content writing, or coding or programming language. Then there are two very good sites like or to try your luck and future as freelancers. Freelancer are those who work on their own for others for return of desired money. They are bound by work, projects in definite time frame. But not by any time table or diktat of others. Why I have listed this as No.1 in my preferred list. Here are the reasons: If one is good in his zone and get desired work, then he can earn from day one itself. He can earn from $1-2 to $XXX to $XXXX in just few days. It depends on your merit and talent pool. Once, you are reputed freelencer in above mentioned site then work will come to you, rather than searching for it.

There are lot of earning opportunity through internet and would like to know if some one has experienced that. Don't shy to comment on that below the post as knowledge need to be shared. I have personally listed above 6 as I have paid nothing for those and got good amount of money in return from all of them in various time period. As time constraint, nowadays I don't look into Ad Click Programs or Paid Surveys anymore. But for fun and interest look into Beta Testing work still. In addition to that is now fully involved in Content Writing, Blogging and Freelance Works with good paycheck from them. 

Any queries and questions, suggestions please do comment in comment section or write to us.


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