Monday, March 23, 2015

As a localite of Assam (India) always dreamt of visiting Majuli (Assam), World Largest River Island from my childhood days. But somehow despite being a nomadic traveler missed the chance to visit that heavenly place. But when one of my best buddy (Jawahar) posted there for a job recently, then came the chance to relive the trip. With one of my close knit unit in Naba, Alokesh, Akash and yours truly planned a road trip from Guwahati (Assam) to Majuli via Neematighat (Jorhat, Assam).
Inside Majuli View
Majuli can be reached from Guwahati (Assam, India) via two ways. One is by Neematighat (Jorhat, Assam) and then by ferry service from there to Majuli. Other is via Lakhimpur (Assam), which is somewhat taxing because of longer route. 

Our Road Trip - Took NH37 to reach Neematighat from Guwahati. Distance is around 330 km approx. After that took Ferry service from Neematighat to Kamalabari, Majuli (Time taken around 1 hour, downstream of Brahmaputra River).
NH37, Jakhalabandha, Assam

Majuli View from Great Brahmaputra River, Assam

Sunset View of Majuli from Great Brahmaputra River, Assam
Majuli is a big island inside of huge river Brahmaputra which flows through the heart of Assam. Out of many places few important places where habitat is more are Kamalabari, Garamurh and Jengraimukh and few more. Although due to erosion Majuli has lost most of its land in last few decades. But still it enough big to have its own survival eco-system.
Majuli Kamalabari Entry View
Kamalabari, Majuli Entry Point, Assam
Majuli is a heaven inside the heart of Brahmaputra river. Or easily can be said the heart of North-East India also. Unexplored, virgin and unknown to outer world for most of the last century. It is now only that because of better communication system from Guwahati (Assam), Majuli is being explored by visitors more frequently. 

Majuli has many historical significance also as it is place to many important Satras of state Assam. Have took time to visit few specially Garamurh Satra, Auniati Satra and Dakhinpat Satra
Garamurh Satra, Majuli

Auniati Satra, Majuli

Dakhinpat Satra, Majuli
Majuli also is habitat for big Mising Tribe. They celebrate festival Ali aye ligang in February-March. This goes on for 5 days. Various kinds of local dishes like purang apin (rice wrapped in special leaves), Apong (rice beer) and cuisines made of pork, fish and chickens are served. Traditional mising dance Gumrag Soman is performed in every village worshiping the almighty Donyi polo (mother sun and father moon) asking for good year of harvest.

Also there is a big Mising festival Po:rag which happens every 5 years in March. Me and my friends bit lucky to celebrate the festival this time with them.  
Po:rag festival, Majuli
Preparing Apong (Rice Beer) inside Mising House (Chang Ghar), Majuli

Preparing Pork Roast, Majuli
So, all in all we had best of our time in Majuli, Assam. Went with 100% expectation and returned with 2000% gratification. Hope Government of India and Assam will take measures to make it one of the sought after destination of India. We citizens of India should also do our bit to save this amazing river island from extinction. Hope in coming years, not only Assam and India but also whole World will take notice of this beautiful heavenly place. Signing off with few in around pictures inside Majuli below.

In around Majuli. All Photos Taken from Mobile Cam
Apong (Rice Beer) with Pork Cuisine, Majuli

Apong (Rice Beer) with Pork Cuisine, Majuli
Road Trip from Majuli to Dhakuakhana, Assam

Swimming in around Jengraimukh, Majuli, Assam

Chang Ghar, Majuli

Tulsi Tree Trunk Pillar, Dakhinpat Satra, Majuli

Naam Path, Garamurh Satra, Majuli

Panaromic View of Jengraimukh, Majuli
Image and Input Credits - Jawahar Jyoti Doley, Nabajit Saikia, Akash Rabha, Alokesh Sharma and Ankur Baruah.

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