Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Have you ever thought how to unlock or improve or even update new features on your android phone with ease. How to customise and tailor the device according to your need without needing to root it first. If that question has ever come to your mind, then you have arrived at absolutely right place. We are hear to provide you some of the easy steps to customise your android phone according to your need without needing to root it.

One of the best things about being part of the Android operating system is that it's capable of so many things. For users who want that little bit more from their device, then they have the option to explore the hacking side of things. By rooting a phone, users can really tailor their device to their exact preference without needing to purchase a new device. But for those users who are uncomfortable with the hacking process, no worries, as you can still hack your smartphone without ever actually rooting your device in the process.

Here are basic five hack-free improvements ways:

1. One of the best ways to implement new gestures on to your phone without rooting is by using the Nova Launcher app, which contains a whole host of different gestures which can be used in different areas of your phone or tablet. Get App
2. Your notifications are highly customisable too and one of the best ways to add a different look and style to them is to implement colours into them. There's plenty of apps that perform this function, but Light Flow is the one all users should check out. Get App
3. Ringtones are few and far between on Android smartphones and the stock selection is pretty poor to say the least. With an app like Zedge you can implement custom ringtones and notification sounds, again without needing to root your device. Get Apps
4. By building your own widget, users can create something for their device that existing widgets don't offer. Although the UCCW app is fairly complicated, it offers a step-by-step guide to creating your own widget from scratch and adding it directly to your phone. Get App
5. You don't need to rely on the Google Play store to provide you with all your hack-without-root needs. Check out sites like DeviantArt and My Colour Screen, which both contain icon packs and themes you can use.

Hope reading this post has helped you in customising your android phone in a easy way. If you have any more easy suggestion do write to us in comment section which might help us and our readers in a big way.


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